Large Enterprise

As a large organization, you face daily challenges related to varying needs across companies, divisions and geographies. Acquiring the right talent, managing the development needs of existing talent, measuring employee performance and succession planning are all critical to your company’s success today and in the future. Solutions must be flexible to meet varying needs and scalable to serve large populations while being easy and intuitive to use.
Technomedia provides an entire Talent Management suite designed to help large organizations deploy and manage talent solutions across the enterprise. Each component of the suite can be tailored to meet varying needs while providing a unified global view of overall performance.  

  • Unified Talent Management Platform supports Talent Acquisition, Performance, Succession, Learning and Development, and Compensation all in a single platform.
  • Easily integrate with HRIS or ERP systems and internal portals.
  • Measure spend and engagement across the organization with detailed reporting and built-in business intelligence tools.
  • Configure each solution to fit the needs of your organization regardless of size and complexity.
  • Support from a partner with over 16 years of experience in serving large companies.