Technomedia Solution Training Tools

To support change management and facilitate user adoption, Technomedia offers tools to assist in integrating each customer's specific processes and functions within the application.

These tools include:

Onsite or remote Train the trainers programs with hands-on exercises

End user Training through online training

User Guides

Job aids

Online help personalization 

These options enable Technomedia to create specific solutions that address customer implementation strategies. Technomedia can also provide customer guidance and support throughout the entire change management process.

Development of e-learning Solutions 

Having created a broad range of blended learning solutions and thousands of hours of custom online courses, Technomedia has the expertise to support customers in the following online training areas:

Developing training solutions that leverage learning technologies: Whether in training new employees, preparing existing employees for new positions, or providing employee professional development, Technomedia supports customers in developing custom learning solutions that take advantage of learning technologies, reduce training costs, and improve training flexibility, access and effectiveness.

Implementing solutions for transferring expertise: In a diverse labor market characterized by shortages of qualified workers, an exodus of critical knowledge due to retirements, and the entry of Generation Y into the workforce, Technomedia can help you implement solutions to assist in transferring implicit knowledge to new generations of employees.

Implementing online training practices: Developing business plans, assisting customer-side training managers, helping establish internal training organizations and training customer-side users are some of the services offered by Technomedia to assist organizations in implementing successful internal training practices.

Best Practices Training for HR Professionals

With more than 16 years of experience working with major, international private- and public-sector organizations, in addition to partnerships with universities in several countries, Technomedia is fully equipped to meet the support needs of customers by sharing best practices and new trends in talent management and online training.