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Talent Talk

Built to Last : Cultivating Leaders in the Multi-Generational Global Workforce

Workforce demographics are changing as baby boomers exit the workforce and an influx of millennials emerges. Our latest white paper, Built to Last, covers this in greater detail and outlines the changing workforce dynamics and the challenges they bring to companies in the pursue of finding the skilled talent they need.


Before the Buy

Solving the Short Circuit in Selecting Talent Technology: What You Need to Know Before the Buy

Despite the tremendous benefits that HR technology afford employers, research from McKinsey & Company shows that the average technology investment delivers less than half of the anticipated value. What’s more, some 17 percent of IT projects go so badly that they can threaten the very existence of a company. The problem? Unclear objectives, unaligned business needs, unrealistic expectations and incompatible systems. Translation: human error causing a short circuit in the section process. For companies looking to improve talent management processes, it is critical that the organization understand business challenges and set expectations before deciding which technology to buy, this begins with finding the right selection committee and agreeing on an objective.


Before the Buy: 3 Steps to Improve Talent Management Tech Selection

Given the season, imagine handing out presents that make less than half of your recipients happy. Not so merry or bright, is it? Still, according to research from McKinsey & Company, the average technology investment delivers less than half of its anticipated value. In fact, some 17 percent of large IT projects go so badly that they can threaten the very existence of the company. Even so, oftentimes it’s the selection process, not the investment, that’s at fault. And with retaining top employees and managing talent topping most employers’ wish lists this year, tightening up the selection process is a surefire way to select a solution that will keep on giving. 


To Suite or Not To Suite: That’s HR’s Biggest Question

As technology continues to advance, it’s hard to picture how we ever managed without the conveniences of today. Just think about getting through the day without your smartphone, which ingeniously combines a phone, computer, TV, address book and more into a single device that fits into your pocket. The ability to combine these disparate functions into one platform obviously provides numerous advantages – instead of having a bunch of different products from different companies, you benefit from one product that includes everything you need.