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How SaaSy is Your Talent Management Suite?

To say that the HR professional wears many hats is a bit of an understatement. From serving as brand ambassadors to attracting right-fit candidates, to giving staff the support to perform at their best throughout the employee lifecycle, the need to be a jack of all trades comes with the territory. But where does one draw the line when it comes to technology? Obviously a mastery of the various systems in use to manage talent is essential, but should HR professionals be expected to be truly tech savvy?


Analyze This!

While “Big Data” is one of those industry buzzwords that people like to throw around, the fact can’t be denied: businesses today have access to more measures, metrics, statistics and analytics than ever before. And while this has opened new doors and created more opportunities for companies to improve their talent management programs, the wealth of information can – quite simply – be overwhelming. And rather than getting useful insight to transform talent management, HR professionals often find themselves drowning in data.


Going Mobile: Recruiting from the Palm of Your Hands

We’ve discussed the value of analytics and putting the user experience first but what about the daily needs of the talent acquisition professionals driving the hiring process? Where does their work fit in? It’s no surprise that today’s HR pros and hiring managers are always on the go, relying on mobile devices to perform key talent management tasks. But the ability to perform these tasks wherever and whenever they want is wholly dependent on which technology they use.