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Successfully Navigating Change

Successfully Navigating Change

Think change is easy? Each year more than 200,000 heart bypass patients are told that altering their lifestyle and eating habits could be lifesaving, yet even in the face of do or die, resistance to change wins. In the workplace, embracing change is also vital, but no matter how you slice it, change is hard – especially when it comes to incorporating a new technology or business process.

With shifting demographics, the altering ways people work, and a global talent shortage, change is part of the regular rhythm of business— and organizations need to adapt their talent management strategies to remain competitive. Industry research shows more than half of all organizations do not yet have an integrated talent management strategy, but as they transition to an integrated talent management approach – or switch providers – being proactive is essential.

How can organizations successfully implement or change systems or processes and prepare HR professionals, managers and employees for change?


Agility and Flexibility are Requisite for Today’s Growing Organizations

Part 2 - Creating a Strategic Approach to Succession Planning

“World 3.0 requires a new set of skills in cultural agility and flexibility.” –
Dr. Pankaj Ghemawat, Professor of Global Strategy at IESE Business School (1)

We stand at a door wide open as we survey business operations today. Increasingly recognized as a core business function, talent acquisition is giving way to many branches which include employee retention and succession planning. Often forgotten but not quite lost in the mix, organizations today need to have a clearer, more strategic approach to what recruiting quality entails and what it means for them, the hiring company. When job requisitions stack high, is it easy to have a post and pray approach – meaning posting to the various job boards, sitting back with a yawn, and waiting for excellent applicants / candidates to drop into the recruiter’s or talent acquisition leader’s lap.


What’s in Your Talent Management Suite?

How many times have you bought a product, only to take it home and find that what you got looks nothing like what appears on the box? Or that it doesn’t work as intended? Maybe it’s even missing pieces or batteries. All too often, we pay for things that aren’t what we expected. And for many organizations, the same holds true for their talent management suite technology.