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Is Employee Involvement the New Engagement

Employee Involvement: What it is, Why you Need it, and How to Get it

A high performing workforce is critical for success which is why so many organizations work to foster high levels of employee engagement. Employees who are valued and motivated to perform are more productive, dedicated and satisfied on the job. While the advantages of having happy, committed employees are well known, the best way to achieve high levels of employee satisfaction is still a mystery to many managers.

There’s a cascade at work: Employees who feel valued and listened to have higher levels of commitment; employees with higher levels of commitment typically reinforce that commitment by being more involved with their jobs and with the company as a whole; and employees who are more involved are typically the organization’s top performers.

Increasing employee commitment starts with learning about how an individual feels about their job as well as their thoughts on the company, their career and the relationship between the two. Similarly, encouraging employee involvement and showing appreciation for it can be highly effective in retaining employees and encouraging better performance.

How can you increase employee involvement and ensure your organization can retain its top performers?


Closing Talent Gaps with the Right Technology

Finding good talent with the right skills is harder than ever. And while some employers try to overcome this challenge by enhancing the skills, knowledge and abilities of current staff, many find that their existing leadership development programs aren’t all that effective. That’s because more often than not generic, off-the-shelf learning solutions deliver generic, off-the-shelf results. But if you use a product designed for any company chances are it probably won’t provide the best results for your company. And while the last thing anyone wants is for their training dollars to go out the window, without the right technology and strategy in place, that’s exactly what happens. 


The Heart of Talent Management: Retention

Hiring to Retain

I have been a recruiter in the trenches.

I have been an executive, retained recruiter hiring senior level positions for hospitals and healthcare organizations. I have been a Manager of Recruitment & Retention for a tech company which housed several start-ups.

I have been a third-party contingency recruiter, hiring sales execs and sales engineers for software companies.

I have been a consultant teaching small companies better hiring practices and how to use social media to compete with larger organizations when it comes to branding, marketing, and hiring.