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Detailed Talent Analytics, Enhanced Talent Acquisition

At its core, talent acquisition seems rather simple: post ads for your job openings and hope the right candidates will respond. In reality, though, the process is much more complex. Are you posting to the best sources? Is your content engaging enough to turn job seekers into applicants? Do you even know the type of talent you’re looking for? All too often, talent acquisition is a game of chance. In today’s competitive business landscape, though, talent acquisition shouldn’t be a game – it needs to be a strategic process built upon real business intelligence.


Capture Knowledge Before the Looming Brain Drain

It should come as no surprise that many Baby Boomers have one foot out the door at their current employers. For the past several years, media outlets and industry analysts have been sounding the alarm about the imminent mass exodus of Boomers from the workforce. 

Case in point: The U.S. Government Accountability Office reports that by September 2017, around 31 percent of government workers will be eligible to retire. And, although the recession may have caused some workers to remain in their jobs longer than they expected, now that the economy is bouncing back, Boomers are beginning to brush off their retirement plans and make their way toward the door.


Why should you celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner. Although employee recognition should be exercised more than once a year, March 4th is a reminder of the importance of incorporating this practice in your organization. Employee engagement and recognition have become key factors in keeping top talent – and companies are taking notice.