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Going Mobile: Recruiting from the Palm of Your Hands

We’ve discussed the value of analytics and putting the user experience first but what about the daily needs of the talent acquisition professionals driving the hiring process? Where does their work fit in? It’s no surprise that today’s HR pros and hiring managers are always on the go, relying on mobile devices to perform key talent management tasks. But the ability to perform these tasks wherever and whenever they want is wholly dependent on which technology they use.


Mentoring and Job Shadowing: Key to Developing Future Leaders

Everywhere you turn, the forecasts are dire: Skills shortages abound, especially in critical technical roles. The leadership gap is widening, causing a dearth of leaders ready to fill the pipeline. Employee engagement is dismal, with only 13 percent of employees worldwide claiming to be interested in their work. It’s enough to make an HR professional want to throw their hands in the air and give up.

Take heart. Although there is no magic bullet that will be the answer to each of these business challenges, one approach is gaining ground as a way to not only retain top talent but also to help develop the next generation of leaders – mentoring and job shadowing programs as key components of a strategic succession plan.