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Closing Talent Gaps with the Right Technology

Finding good talent with the right skills is harder than ever. And while some employers try to overcome this challenge by enhancing the skills, knowledge and abilities of current staff, many find that their existing leadership development programs aren’t all that effective. That’s because more often than not generic, off-the-shelf learning solutions deliver generic, off-the-shelf results. But if you use a product designed for any company chances are it probably won’t provide the best results for your company. And while the last thing anyone wants is for their training dollars to go out the window, without the right technology and strategy in place, that’s exactly what happens. 


Analytics Are Everything – A Closer Look at Optimizing Talent Management

Our last post uncovered how organizations can benefit from running leadership development activities with the SOAP method used by the healthcare industry. Such a strategy does much more than improve the health of the company; it gives you the real-time, fact-based data to make faster, better-informed decisions about who to advance into leadership positions. But, if you limit the use of analytics to the development of leaders, you miss the opportunity to really improve the performance of all employees.

After all, how effective can those leaders be if their teams don’t have the skills to execute? Not very. Instead, use analytics as a way to raise the bar across the enterprise. Not sure how that can be accomplished? The secret is in the sauce – and knowing how analytics can be used at each stage of the talent acquisition process to optimize your workforce: