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Minding the Talent Gaps

Anyone who has been to London, or at least seen pictures of it, will no doubt be familiar with the ubiquitous signs telling mass transit commuters to mind the gap. While intended to avoid stepping into the space between the railway and platform, this simple phrase applies more and more to employers. Only in this instance, the gaps that need to be minded are the vacancies in the leadership pipeline. And if those gaps aren’t filled, the company’s productivity, revenue and reputation will plummet.


The Heart of Talent Management: Retention

Hiring to Retain

I have been a recruiter in the trenches.

I have been an executive, retained recruiter hiring senior level positions for hospitals and healthcare organizations. I have been a Manager of Recruitment & Retention for a tech company which housed several start-ups.

I have been a third-party contingency recruiter, hiring sales execs and sales engineers for software companies.

I have been a consultant teaching small companies better hiring practices and how to use social media to compete with larger organizations when it comes to branding, marketing, and hiring.