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How SaaSy is Your Talent Management Suite?

To say that the HR professional wears many hats is a bit of an understatement. From serving as brand ambassadors to attracting right-fit candidates, to giving staff the support to perform at their best throughout the employee lifecycle, the need to be a jack of all trades comes with the territory. But where does one draw the line when it comes to technology? Obviously a mastery of the various systems in use to manage talent is essential, but should HR professionals be expected to be truly tech savvy?


What’s in Your Talent Management Suite?

How many times have you bought a product, only to take it home and find that what you got looks nothing like what appears on the box? Or that it doesn’t work as intended? Maybe it’s even missing pieces or batteries. All too often, we pay for things that aren’t what we expected. And for many organizations, the same holds true for their talent management suite technology.