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To Suite or Not To Suite: That’s HR’s Biggest Question

As technology continues to advance, it’s hard to picture how we ever managed without the conveniences of today. Just think about getting through the day without your smartphone, which ingeniously combines a phone, computer, TV, address book and more into a single device that fits into your pocket. The ability to combine these disparate functions into one platform obviously provides numerous advantages – instead of having a bunch of different products from different companies, you benefit from one product that includes everything you need. 


Analyze This!

While “Big Data” is one of those industry buzzwords that people like to throw around, the fact can’t be denied: businesses today have access to more measures, metrics, statistics and analytics than ever before. And while this has opened new doors and created more opportunities for companies to improve their talent management programs, the wealth of information can – quite simply – be overwhelming. And rather than getting useful insight to transform talent management, HR professionals often find themselves drowning in data.