Latest Product Release March 2015

Technomedia’s March 2015 Release enables companies to actively engage their current and future workforce driving increased engagement and ROI. The new release introduces over 75 new features and enhancements, many of which are designed to support ease of use for both infrequent and power users alike. Additionally, there have been significant enhancements to the application’s overall configurability, enabling customers to tailor all aspects of the platform to align to key talent objectives. This latest release sets a new standard for configurability and user experience in Talent Management.

A few highlighted updates include:

Improved Job Seeker Experience 
The “My favorites” feature has been updated to enable Job Seekers to easily apply for multiple jobs at once. Any previously entered information will be automatically pre-filled with each subsequent application while new information requirements including pre-screening questions, assessments and other job specific requirements will be presented inline.

Workflows to Suit Your Specific Recruitment Process
Recruitment workflows for job requisitions and for candidate offers now provide the automatic addition of relevant approval hiring managers based on dynamic conditions. Key updates include:   

  • Increased user-friendliness of workflow configuration through an intuitive visual editor. For each step in the workflow, customers can now configure the conditions and approvals who will be automatically added if the conditions are met. 
  • Approvers may be named users or may be defined by role or through other business rules.
  • Approvers can be configured to have monitoring access over the progression of the approval workflow even after they have completed their own approval. This feature is useful for hiring managers who may initiate a new hire request and want to tack its progression through the approval process.

Gain Better Control Over Employee Data Management 
The enhanced User data controls enable customers to create multi-step approval workflows for updating user profile data. It provides greater control over the updating of employee data. Approval workflows can be basic or sophisticated depending on customer preference. Customers have complete control over the hiring managers and user profile fields and sections included in a workflow. This feature is useful for customers needing strict quality and/or privacy-control protocols regarding the management and updating of employee data. Additionally, business and formatting rules may be applied to any field in the user profile to ensure data formatting consistency. 

A More User-Friendly LCMS Interface
A more user-friendly LCMS (Learning Content Management System) Interface offers all of the previous module features consolidated into an intuitive dashboard, to provide instructional designers with a simpler and more consistent work environment. The new organized interface also reduces the number of clicks for accessing corresponding features. In addition, the workflows for creating online courses have been updated to be more streamlined and intuitive.
Empower your Tutors/Mentors with Added User Roles
This new feature adds a Tutor (also be referred to as a Mentor) user role to the application in order to complement the existing Trainer user role. Administrators can use this feature to assign any employee or manager as a Tutor for a learning activity, training session, or registered learner enabling customers to expand their training support to employees by leveraging the knowledge and skills of their own workforce while also providing a way to recognize key subject matter experts within the company.
Updated support for French training legislation
The new CPF process replaces the previous DIF process in the application. Customers with French business units can now manage the CPF process in the Training module in order to comply with French regulatory requirements for employee training and development. All previous DIF features and references have been hidden by default within the Training Plans feature and replaced by corresponding CPF features. However, a system configuration will allow customers to continue using the DIF process if they so choose.
Preview Your Performance Assessments Prior To Launch
This enhancement enables Administrators to preview configured performance assessment forms will be displayed to end users, enabling the review, validation and adjustment of the assessment form layout and content prior to launching the form in the assessment period. In addition, this feature provides customers with greater quality control over the assessment form configuration process, helping to ensure that all its content is properly formatted for all assessment periods.

Improved automation and scheduling of Technomedia Business Intelligence (TMBI) Reports
Updated scheduling and report routing features are now available to administrators and report writers, allowing them to configure settings for automated emailing of TMBI reports such as: reports to be emailed, scheduled automated emails, and email recipient lists. This new set of features helps automate the scheduling and delivery of regular reports without requiring recipients to sign into the system.