Why You Must Have a Talent Mobility Program

Why You Must Have a Talent Mobility Program

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day – and every day for the next 19 years – a skills shortage is a growing reality for many organizations.

How can organizations compensate for an impending skills gap among new, less-experienced workers? Implementing a talent mobility strategy and developing talent they have already invested in can ensure organizations have the skills they need, where and when they need it in the future.

A talent mobility strategy does more than just help the organization gain access to necessary skill sets - it also fosters employee engagement, retention and commitment. An effective talent mobility strategy requires understanding the talent that is currently employed and how they can be developed for the future.

Providing employees with development opportunities and available career paths ensures top performers remain motivated and engaged with the company and continue performing at a high level. It also helps create a leadership pipeline to ensure minimal disruption when key management gaps open up.

The key to success is an enterprise-wide approach that breaks down barriers between geographic locations and business functions. This ensures that developed talent can be moved to where they can benefit the company most.

A comprehensive technology solution takes the guess work out of talent mobility and succession planning, enabling companies to better understand employees, their potential strengths and areas for development. Technology can also facilitate knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices across the business.

Another best-practices component of an effective talent mobility strategy involves engagement and clear communication about future opportunities. In addition to preparing younger workers for future roles, by demonstrating that there are opportunities and a future for them in the organization, it can improve their motivation and desire to stay with the company. By communicating they are part of the organization’s future, companies can protect the investment they’ve made in their talent while helping them further their careers.

An enterprise-wide talent mobility program makes sure the right talent is in the right roles across the entire organization and that employees are offered interesting career opportunities that keep them motivated and engaged. Those that get it right can build an enduring organization.

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