The Heart of Talent Management: Retention

Hiring to Retain

I have been a recruiter in the trenches.

I have been an executive, retained recruiter hiring senior level positions for hospitals and healthcare organizations. I have been a Manager of Recruitment & Retention for a tech company which housed several start-ups.

I have been a third-party contingency recruiter, hiring sales execs and sales engineers for software companies.

I have been a consultant teaching small companies better hiring practices and how to use social media to compete with larger organizations when it comes to branding, marketing, and hiring.

And I have crossed over to the dark side – to a recruiting technology vendor, to a massive group which housed over 60 recruiting technology brands, and to Technomedia, an HR Tech company offering a software solution to aid, assist, and benefit every departmental function of human resources. I love my job. I love that I get to work for a company whose goal and intent are to provide technologies which help recruiters and HR professionals do their jobs better.

Isn’t that what it is all about? Finding a better way to work, a better way to treat people. People – the employees are the backbone of any organization, they are why a company reaches success.

The Hire

We spend so much time and money making sure we make a “righteous” hire – the right person for the right job. And then, what happens? Do those righteous hires get lost in the crowd, like a drone in a Pink Floyd video, like another brick in the wall?

The Alternative

What if we invested just as much time, effort, and money into maintaining and retaining the quality hires brought through the front door? Can you imagine a performance management process which identified future leaders you could nurture and grow? Can you imagine a place of work where succession is actually planned?

Technologies are available to ease tedious written processes, to reduce the aggravation and time lost in documenting the past, present, and future of your organization. What technology can’t do is make you fire up the computer or follow through on the human part, the human side of the job. 

Human Resources

Some people complain about titles like “human resources” or “human capital” – the greatness in these titles however, lies within the word “human” – we are all human, with human traits, needs, and desires. We all have potential and want recognition based on what we do with our potential. 

When the right technology blends with the appropriate process, we can all get back to what makes us good at our jobs – being human. Connecting and engaging in relationships which allow us to identify and grow potential. 

Allowing and encouraging personal growth for employees changes the course of not only the employee, but also the organization. One of my former clients and now a dear friend, Jean Haskell was a VP of Human Resources for a very large health care district in the Central Valley of California – I have heard her say, and she quotes a former boss…

“People ask, ‘What if we spend resources, time and money, on teaching and training our employees and then they leave?’ The right response, ‘What if we don’t spend resources and we don’t train them and they stay?’ How do you argue that?”


Hiring with retention in mind changes the questions you ask and how you evaluate the answers of applicants or candidates. Using today’s technology gives you the time you need to develop a hiring strategy which embraces retention, to use your mind and ability to connect to determine ultimate potential and cultural fit. 

It’s all about retention – increase the power behind the hire by thinking about the future.

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