New Partnerships Bring New Choices to Technomedia Customers

We’ve been working hard these last few months on several key partner initiatives for Technomedia. We are happy to announce we have joined the IBM Open HR ecosystem. This agreement will provide customers a centralized way to integrate all their HR applications into one unified user experience to address the strategic needs driving their HCM architecture.

The Value to our Customers

Technomedia understands that interoperability remains a major challenge for companies in many industries, however for the HR business practice it has the potential to impact every single employee in an organization as our solutions touch hundreds if not thousands of individuals. Many HR organizations operate in environments consisting of various solutions from different vendors but still want a way to centralize the access and overall user experience. Talent Management Suites cover an extensive array of technology needs including Workforce Planning, Recruiting and Onboarding, Performance Management, Career and Succession Planning, Learning and Development, and Compensation Management as well as components for Core HRIS features. There is no doubt that the Suite has distinct advantages, but customers often need a way to support multiple solutions.

The Technomedia team is committed to providing options that meet our Customers’ needs and in some cases that means combining our solutions with other products and technologies. The modular design of the Technomedia platform enables the utilization of one, a few or all of the Technomedia platform modules as needed. This multi-vendor approach gives HR an option to manage disparate systems with a consistent view in a common interface.

We are proud to partner with IBM as today’s talent technology needs are complex and ever-changing, making it extremely difficult to be all things to all people. We understand that customers may want to use a mix of products in their workflow and providing them with the flexibility they need to get their jobs done is our top priority.

Partnership Offers Lower Costs, Increased Efficiencies and Choice

Our customers have often made substantial investments in existing systems that are delivering significant value and/or who may simply prefer one system over another for a variety of reasons. They want us (their talent management software partners) to help them get the best value for their business, including when desired, the ability to help them protect existing investments and make a choice that addresses their unique business needs. Plus, HR leaders are also under added pressure to increase efficiencies and lower costs in their technology investments. In particular, it opens the door to the choice, flexibility, and insight customers want and deserve. A rip and replace methodology is no longer necessary if you can offer an integrated and organic way to connect all your talent needs into a centralized platform. 

By joining IBM’s Open HR ecosystem, Technomedia provides customers with more options to deploy an end-to-end set of solutions. The partnership combines two powerful companies with a common goal to provide customers with a new approach to how they choose the best available solutions, unify disparate HR systems into a single experience, and gain deep insight from all their HR data. It will bridge the gaps they previously encountered, integrating all of a customer’s existing solutions, so they work together. 

Modules Supported

As Technomedia is recognized for our best-of-breed solutions in Learning and Development, Recruiting, along with Performance Management, and we will offer these modules in addition to others for Succession Planning, Compensation Management and Core HR, to customers who may seek to augment their IBM solution. These types of cloud-to-cloud integrations will help customers improve their business processes and make fact-based decisions more smoothly and simply about how they recruit and manage their workforces.

Look for more news on the other exciting partnerships we have underway.

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