Going Mobile: Recruiting from the Palm of Your Hands

We’ve discussed the value of analytics and putting the user experience first but what about the daily needs of the talent acquisition professionals driving the hiring process? Where does their work fit in? It’s no surprise that today’s HR pros and hiring managers are always on the go, relying on mobile devices to perform key talent management tasks. But the ability to perform these tasks wherever and whenever they want is wholly dependent on which technology they use. 

Though it may seem daunting at first, making the move to a mobile-first approach supported by the right solution can ultimately create a more agile talent management strategy. This starts by understanding and stating the business case for a mobile-enabled technology. In today’s fast-moving business environment, the need for mobility is obvious, but beyond the convenience of going mobile, there is the possibility of improved productivity and a more successful talent acquisition process. 

After establishing the business case for a mobile-first strategy, it’s time to determine the best solution for your organization. With the right technology in place, mobile access can take the process a step further to increase the speed of hiring, improve communications, enhance the candidate experience and in turn, boost your employment brand. 

There are a few things to consider when identifying the right technology: 

Optimization: Take inventory of the devices your team currently uses before selecting a technology. The goal here is to streamline the talent acquisition process, not complicate it. Will the new solution work across multiple mobile devices, or is it intended for only specific kinds? With so many devices on the market today, having an optimized display is a must. This will ensure that you can onboard a technology without having to change out devices. 

Proof of Performance: While there is bound to be a long list of features included in each technology, narrow your search to focus on a handful of critical success factors. Every solution will have strengths and weaknesses, so think about which mobile functions will best serve the needs of your talent acquisition team. Zero in on the offerings that have exactly what you need right out of the box and see how they work on your device.  

Daily Support: And finally, beyond being optimized to fit your screen and having the key features you need, how does the technology work once in place? This review is one part user experience, one part strategy development. Take the technology for a test run, include key stakeholders in this discussion and ask if it improves upon the existing process. The right solution should not only meet your team’s needs but also match their workflow. 

Device in hand, a mobile-first approach will empower HR pros and hiring managers to take their work with them as needed. With their newfound sense of autonomy, your team can create and configure a talent acquisition strategy that reflects your company brand and culture, encouraging process improvements and promoting productivity. All with a quick tap or swipe. 

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